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BeinCPPS Call-2 targets the development of equipment assessment experiments by Manufacturing SMEs. The objective is to carry out innovative experiments in CPPS-based manufacturing facilities provided by the applicants themselves and based on HW/SW components of the BEinCPPS reference architecture. The open call aims at addressing different industrial sectors or business cases with respect to the 5 BEinCPPS Industrial Champions. The presence in the consortium of a Manufacturing SME  providing the experimentation facilities is mandatory.

Topics of the call

  1. CPS-based Product Lifecycle and End-of-Life Management

  2. CPS-based Factory Logistics Management

  3. CPS-based Zero Defect Manufacturing 

  4. CPS Predictive maintenance 

  5. CPS Modelling and simulation


An interactive webinar was held on 11 November 2016

| Watch the video here |

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