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Integrated modeling tool dedicated to modelling manufacturing services (physical and service part) and also to degine performance Indicators. In BEinCPPS it is suggested to be used for modelling the manufacturing processes to be supported by CPPS, and at lower level of abstraction, to model the cyber part.

Activiti supplies an Eclipse plugin, the Activiti designer, that can be used to graphically model, test and deploy BPMN 2.0 processes. 

Papyrus is an Open Source UML tool based on Eclipse. It provides support for Domain Specific Languages and SysML. Papyrus is designed to be easily extensible as it is based on the principle of UML Profiles.

Modelio is an Open Source UML tool, it supports the UML2 and BPMN standards. Modelio has been specialized, as result of the IntoCPS project, to support the design of CPS- enabled systems, through the introduction of stereotypes for cyber and physical parts, identification of core diagrams for CPS components communicaton etc.. It can also be used as a BPMN edior for business process modelling.

Morever, export in FMI format supports intgration with simulation tools.

Modelica is a non-proprietary, object-oriented, equation based language to conveniently model complex physical systems containing, e.g., mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, thermal, control, electric power or process-oriented subcomponents.

UaModeler is a tool for graphically designing OPC UA models, exporting to XML files, and generating source code. Thus it not only speeds up the implementation, it also increases the software quality by producing well structured, error-free code. As implementation is reduced to “modeling and generating”, even complex models can be “implemented” very quickly. This tool gives all the SDKs from Unified Automation the lead ahead on the OPC UA toolkit market.

The 4DIAC integrated development environment (4DIAC-IDE) is an extensible, IEC 61499 compliant engineering environment for distributed control applications. The modelled applications can be downloaded to distributed field devices according the means defined by the IEC 61499 standard. The hardware capability definition allows to model the control hardware and its interconnections through networks.

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