| Industry 4.0 Readiness Check |


The key for fulfilling the promises of Industry 4.0 lies on the Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS).

BEinCPPS invites you to assess your company's Industry 4.0 readiness level, on five specific CPPS readiness domains: Technology, Organisation, Manufacturing, Economy and Market, Culture and Society.

The assessment should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. Enter you e-mail address to discover your readiness level, receive the BEinCPPS diagnostic report and get in touch with BEinCPPS Digital Innovation Hubs.

| BEinCPPS MATURITY MODEL | Assess your company Digital Readiness Level


The BEinCPPS Maturity Model allows SMEs to:

  • Assess their current Digital Readiness Level with the support of an expert consultant

  • Benchmark their Digital Readiness with a pool of manufacturing companies in 5 countries

| BEinCPPS MIGRATION MODEL | Shape your journey toward Industry 4.0



  • Generate ideas on how to transform their products, production and people

  • Develop a tailor-made migration plan towards Industry 4.0

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