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| Industry 4.0 Readiness Check |


The key for fulfilling the promises of Industry 4.0 lies on the Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS).

BEinCPPS invites you to assess your company's Industry 4.0 readiness level, on five specific CPPS readiness domains: Technology, Organisation, Manufacturing, Economy and Market, Culture and Society.

The assessment should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. Enter you e-mail address to discover your readiness level, receive the BEinCPPS diagnostic report and get in touch with BEinCPPS Digital Innovation Hubs.

Please note your personal information (name, email address) is going to be collected by us. There will be no unauthorized sharing of the said data. 

You can find our website data protection information here

| BEinCPPS MATURITY MODEL | Assess your company Digital Readiness Level


The BEinCPPS Maturity Model allows SMEs to:

  • Assess their current Digital Readiness Level with the support of an expert consultant

  • Benchmark their Digital Readiness with a pool of manufacturing companies in 5 countries

| BEinCPPS MIGRATION MODEL | Shape your journey toward Industry 4.0



  • Generate ideas on how to transform their products, production and people

  • Develop a tailor-made migration plan towards Industry 4.0

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