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Manufacturing DIH

The mission of the Digital Innovation Hub for Customer­Driven Manufacturing @ Norte (iMan Norte Hub) is to foster the digital transformation of manufacturing companies of the Northern Region of Portugal (Norte) and to nurture the respective innovation ecosystem. Its key objective is to facilitate the manufacturing technology adoption and diffusion in the areas of cyber­physical production systems and robotics, by linking research institutions, companies (end­users and technology providers, both established companies and start­ups), technology focused incubators, investors, industrial associations, and government agencies. Towards this goal, the iMan Norte Hub provides a various range of services, such as matchmaking initiatives (partner scouting and consortia building), workshops, open­days, demonstration sessions, coaching, and connection to funding sources. The Hub also facilitates the access to other services through its network, such as consulting, feasibility studies, research and development, pilot implementations, training and usage of experimental facilities.


The iMan Norte Hub is coordinated by a managing team with members from PRODUTECH, INESC TEC, UPTEC and the four industrial technological centers located in the Norte region:

  • PRODUTECH - Production Technologies Cluster (36 production equipment producers, 22 information technology companies, 18 end user companies, 22 research institutions, 7 technological centers, 66% of associates in the Norte region)

  • INESC TEC ­ Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (has been developing R&D and consulting projects with manufacturing companies in the region for 30 years)

  • UPTEC ­ Science and Technology Park of University of Porto (100 technology start­ups)

  • CTCP ­ Technological Center of Footwear of Portugal (460 associates)

  • CITEVE ­ Technological Center of Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal (630 associates)

  • CTCOR ­ Technological Center of Cork (200 associates)

  • CATIM ­ Technological Center for the Metal Working and Machinery Industry (700 associates)


Around 90% of the associates of the four technological centers of the region are SME’s.

Research institutions,
Industrial technological centers, Industrial associations, Incubators, Science and technology parks, Industrial companies, Technology companies Training institutions, Government agencies.


  • 20.10.2016 The Factory of the Future: Which Pathways for the Industry in the 21st Century? Annual INESC TEC Forum Number of participants: 200 

  • 05.04. 2017 Industry 4.0: Roadmap for a successful implementation

  • Awareness session at IAPMEI (Institute for Support to Small and Medium­sized Enterprises and Innovation) - Number of participants: 90

  • 19.05.2017 Demonstration action at Kyaia - Number of participants: 150+



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