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The CyberGauge applies new technologies to the checking fixtures, used as a tool for quality control in automotive part manufacturing. The aim is to implement a cyber-physical gauging system based on 3D digitalisation technologies and 3D point cloud analytics to reduce the complexity of checking fixtures. Traditional manufacturing systems operate mainly in the physical domain: current systems make extensive use of gauges, visual analysis and dedicated measurement instrumentation to ensure the compliance of plastic components in various parts of the automobile (cockpit, front, doors, etc…). The physical control elements allow an optimum assembly and integration of plastic components in the subsystem design.

Cyber-physical gauging system for checking fixtures

Main objectives of the Experiment

With the development of the cyber gauge system, the main objective is the simplification of the gauge design through full digitisation of the part under control and automation and integration of the control gauge with the IT systems in the factory. The BEinCPPS platform allows a more efficient synchronisation and operation of the physical and cyber production operations. TRIMEK is one of the main manufacturers of metrological systems and solutions worldwide in the field of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). TRIMEK metrological instrumentation provides optimum metrology solutions from the inspection of very large parts with high accuracy through the use of its large bridge or gantry scanners to the mid-sized and even portable systems.

Main results expected to achieve in the Experiment

The scenario for the experiment carried out in Euskadi DIH is Zero Defect Manufacturing where the current physical gauges evolve into digital CPSized digital solutions more flexible and cost effective. This implies the evolution of traditional quality control equipment; e.g.CMMs into solutions ready to operate under shop floor conditions moving from the traditional metrology laboratory to the shop floor. With this CPS assets and the BEinCPPS reference platform the evolution of the current physical production process in the following cyber physical solution will take place.

For the implementation of the digital Gauge, a Cyber-Physical gate for Industrial IoT and 3D information will be implemented. Cyber-physical gates will allow the implementation of production and machine watchdogs as well as part and critical component digitalisation. Cyber-Physical equivalents will allow the development of suitable models and manipulation of critical events and raw data being made available through the Cyber-Physical Gates, into the Cyber production domain. Data is then transformed into information through the Cyber Production Services that in this particular business process will implement the cyber-gauge and results connected to production rules and time series analysis and batch-analysis of production. The production services will trigger actions of the cyber production control agents either as CNC (computer numerical control) or automation system signal or as information to be visualised through blue-collar worker wizards or white-collar workers diagnosis and prognosis of the manufacturing quality of the process and stability.

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