Project Management and Innovation Impact Measurement

D1.10 OPEN CALL PACKAGE for IT Applications Experiments

This deliverable gathers all the documents issued by the BEinCPPS consortium for the 1st Call for Proposals for IT Applications Experiments. The call for proposal opened on May 2nd 2016 and closed on June 15th 2016. The information provided to the applicants is included in the following documents:

  1. BEinCPPS Call-1 Introduction: This document presents information about BEinCPPS project, the topics of the call, the available budget and general information about the call

  2. BEinCPPS Proposal guide: This document presents submission details, eligibility and evaluation criteria.

  3. BEinCPPS Experimental facilities: This document presents details on the experimental facilities available to test the applications.

  4. BEinCPPS Call 1 template: This document is a template of the proposal