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What was the Call about?


BEinCPPS Call-2 targets the development of equipment assessment experiments by Manufacturing SMEs. The objective is to carry out innovative experiments in CPPS-based manufacturing facilities provided by the applicants themselves. The Open Call aims at addressing different industrial sectors or business cases with respect to the five BEinCPPS Industrial Champions. The presence in the consortium of a Manufacturing SME providing the experimentation facilities is mandatory. The following categories are covered by Open Call 2:

  1. CPS-based Product Lifecycle and End-of-Life Management

  2. CPS-based Factory Logistics Management

  3. CPS-based Zero Defect Manufacturing

  4. CPS Predictive maintenance

  5. CPS Modelling and simulation

Proposal period for Call 2 opened on November 2nd 2016 and closed on December 15th 2016. It addresses CPPS Equipment Assessment experiments executing for a 15-month period beginning in May 2017. The overall budget is up to 1,200.000€ in total.

Open Call for manufacturing SMEs


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